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Kota Blue Cobbles
Kota Blue Cobbles stones have blue color background and waves of micro particles that make this stone very eye catching. These cobbles are hard enough to withstand heavy pressure for years and they are equally dazzling when it comes to looks. Kota blue limestone cobbles is extensively used for architectural purposes in interior and exterior floors and also in garden pavements. They are available in various types of finishes like polished, flamed, bush hammered, sandblasted, brushed and antique.

These cobbles are very famous for their vibrant color, durability, exclusive finish and polish. These are highly resistant to stain and have a non-slippery texture. Due to this property they are preferably used in interiors and exteriors. They add elegance to the space where they are applied. They are resistant to heat, pressure, stain, scratch and water. So, are absolutely suitable for bathrooms and garden landscaps also. The kota blue cobbles is very popularly used in floorings, claddings and for pavements, as it is of hard quality, has very dense grain and also because of its availability in various shapes and sizes.
Kota Blue Cobbles
Classification - Cobbles
Offered in - Landscaping, bathrooms, restaurants etc.
Finishes Offered - Natural and Machine cut
Standard Specifications - Cut-to-size 100mm and 100mm Thickness and above
Generally natural and machine cut
Tailor-Made Specifications - Possible
Recommended Applications - Interiors & Exteriors
Delivery - 3-4 weeks from date of order (sometimes ready stock is available so immediate delivery is also possible)

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